Toby Corey

I used to think the Universe was like a sheet of paper. I often wondered what would happen if I could peel it back to see what’s underneath. I also used to think that I was figuring life out over time, silly me. I realized the more I expanded my consciousness, the more infinite my reality became.

I am learning to fall into this expansion, to allow life to flow naturally, to identify that the real prize is the journey. Today I look at our existence as a limitless field of unruly flowers - restless in spirit, beautifully imperfect. So I ask you, as I’ve often asked myself, “What indelible mark are you creating?”

As a lifelong entrepreneur and college lecturer, I noticed a lack of social consciousness, a lack of self-awareness and a purely material focus in the community. These qualities, ethics and values differed greatly with my own ethos and those of the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve come across in my long career. They embodied an acute clarity and connection of the greater world, deep empathy, and a natural inclination to help others succeed.

Through this observation, Zentrepreneurship was born in Santa Cruz, California; a way to create your own footsteps on the path of life.

Special thanks to: Susan Corey, Heidi Roizen, John Linney, Leslie Nakajima, Victoria Nguyen, Matthew Swinnerton, Rob Tulchin, Jordan Corey, Alexandra Corey-Frey, Linda Keala, Jane Devon, Keri Waters, Doug Erickson, Abigail Kaun, Tina Seelig, Tom Byers, Stanford University students, a small army of others and all my Santa Cruz brothers and sisters that made this all possible.

Contact me toby@zentrepreneur.life

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