A Creative Movement for Good

Is your spirit restless?

Do you believe that you are unique, yet part of something so much larger than you?

Are you passionate about creating a better world for all? 

What indelible mark will you leave behind?  


Discover Zentrepreneur Life

The Zentrepreneur.Life community is connected by a set of principles that guides your way with resources and mentorship focused on nurturing the creativity and unique qualities of its members, enabling them to translate imagination into new experiences. We do this by:

  • Thinking, leading and acting in the Zentrepreneur Way, 22 ethical principles centered on Gratitude, Equanimity,
    Natural Life-flow, Service Mindset and Deep Nature Connection. 

  • Symposium Series hosted at leading colleges and universities enabling students to translate imagination into new experiences.

  • A unique Guide containing best-in-class information, methodologies and tools. 

  • A social network – Mentor Zen – matches Zentrepreneurs with the right mentors using a secret matching technique. 


Our mission is to inspire, educate and guide college students, a new generation of entrepreneurs, social & environmental warriors and creative spirits to challenge the status quo by thinking creatively.


The Zentrepreneur Way



  • Have gratitude and an appreciation for everything in their lives.

  • Are driven to make the world a better place.

  • See infinite possibilities, things others don’t, and look at challenges and opportunities from infinite vantage points.

  • Are authentic, transparent and always unique.

  • Treat people with kindness, compassion, dignity and grace.

  • Are givers and experience bliss by caring and helping others without expectations.

  • Lead by example with focus, patience, deep listening, alertness, decisiveness, a sixth sense, and centeredness.

  • Are bright, grounded, centered and always overflowing with positive energy and attitude.

  • Possess a special sheer will-to-succeed-attitude, no matter what, inspiring all.



Practices and Principles  

  • Are present, they breathe, listen, look, taste, touch and experience the world in a special way - Zenspiration!

  • Are demanding, continually striving for goals that force them to grow and are working on becoming better versions of themselves.

  • Spend quality time with nature in awe of it’s beauty, power, presence and magic. Have “Blue-minds” and spend as much time in and around water. 

  • Work hard, read voraciously, are in pursuit of perfecting their craft, studying and learning; yet always finding balance in their lives.

  • Disregard conventional thinking and rules and create their own path. 

  • Are surrounding themselves with smart and unique people; while building open networks.

  • Make their own opportunities by redefining the art of the possible and pushing past conventional boundaries.

  • Fuel their mind, body and spirit with healthy nutrients. 

  • Are alway expanding, creating deep rich contours in their life. They know the real prize is the journey :)


Zentrepreneur Symposium Series, Tools and Mentorship


Zentrepreneur Symposium Series

Four weekly symposiums hosted by Stanford Lecturer Toby Corey and a provocative guest explore real-world experiences that lead to creative thinking.

Modeled after 8 years of Toby’s teaching entrepreneurship at Stanford University, Zentrepreneur.Life is partnering with the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) to launch Zentrepreneur Symposium Series this fall. Our vision is to create something special that can be exported to all colleges and universities around the world.

In this symposium series you will learn:

  • How to integrate mindfulness, nature appreciation and focus into a more creative way of approaching your life with less stress;

  • How to develop new thought patterns that lead to new behaviors, experiences and feelings to enhance your life

  • How to draw on diverse backgrounds and perspectives to magnify and elevate your wisdom and creativity; 

  • Learn techniques how to tap into a field of infinite of creativity to make the world a better place.


Zentrepreneur Guide

Best-in-class content, information, methodologies and tools. Curated by the world’s best Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and leading thinkers.


ZentreprenEUr Mentor Network

Connects Zentrepreneurs with mentors and coaches matched via an intelligent system that recruits, vets and trains seasoned and up-and-coming mentors, fitting their personality traits, domain expertise and other attributes, with the right Zentrepreneur based on their unique needs


Zentrepreneur Life, a community of creative thinkers.

Zentrepreneur Life, a community of creative thinkers.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire universe, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” 

                                                                                             ―Albert Einstein